If I Could...

If I could be whatever I wanted...

I would be a yoga teacher. It combines two of my favorite things and the idea of leading people into a place where they are not only healthy, but happy sounds like perfection.

I would be a much better part-time vegetarian. Still part-time, but much better at it.

I would continue being a coffee addict, because who am I kidding, I only regret that choice for very short periods of time.

I would be a destination wedding photographer. I love being a part of one of the most intimate and memorable days, and being somewhere that becomes a special place for the couple is a huge yes for me.

I would be the best wife I could possibly be. I ended up with the best of all husbands, he only deserves the best from me.

I would be a speaker for those who have no voice and lift up those who feel like they can no longer do it on their own.

I would be a better friend, no longer running away every time I feel overwhelmed.

I would follow Christ the way that I wish I did.

But, most of all, I would stop dreaming about who I wish I was and meditating on all of the reasons I'll never be this woman and just make it happen...

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