Tori | Portraits | South Texas

Is anybody else tired of me talking about having a hard time picking out my favorites from a session? Because I know I am. I'd like to take all the credit and say that it's all because I'm just oh so amazing at what I do (insert an lol here because there will never be a harsher critic on my work than myself) but really it's all about the fact that I work with the most incredible people who aren't only beautiful on the outside but complete joys to work with.

After working for months to get our schedules to align I finally got to have a real session with the littlest sister. The day ended up absolutely perfect for being in the middle of a Texas "winter." I was so excited about the weather turning out like it did it took me a few shots to realize how incredibly comfortable she is in front of the camera. I'm the super goof-ball that can't help but to make awful faces and dance around and talk too much when you try to take pictures of her; apparently this sister doesn't share that similarity with me at all. Since our session was so laid back I got to try out a few things that I had been wanting to do. Hello back-lit lace at the beginning and some amazing shots with an external light after sunset to end the session.

And no, I didn't do any editing to her eyes. They're naturally that ridiculous.