To 10 Years Ago Julia

Julia Corinne Photography | Letter to Myself

Dear Julia,

I've had this weird need to write you a letter for quite sometime. I decided that today, on my birthday, I would finally follow through with this...

This is me, 10 years in the future. Your life is by no means what you imagined that it would be, but girl, it is so much better than you could have ever dreamed. You've accomplished things that you never thought that you could do. You've overcome so many of your fears and didn't let others dictate who you could be. 

I know at this point in your life you're so afraid of taking chances. You're afraid to actually go against the status quo. We all know that you're a bit of what will later be deemed a "hipster" (girl, I know how many hours you spend on Myspace trying to find music that nobody else has heard of...), you want so badly to be one of a kind but so far it just feels like you're so alone. You don't want to just be another person drifting through life but you're afraid that if you become your own person no one will be there beside you... Please take my word that you won't be. You'll find friends that have the same need to not blend in as you. People that will make you feel like you're not alone and people that will challenge you every single day.

You'll fall in love in a few years with a goofy teenage boy with a goatee (I promise he won't keep it) who is just as "weird" as you and he won't be afraid to walk the path less taken with you. Sometimes he'll even take you farther off that path than you thought you were capable of going. He'll challenge you to start a business that you didn't think you could run and when you feel like you don't have what it takes he'll remind you that you do.

Things won't always be perfect; people that you thought would always be there for you will one day turn against you; your current plan for after high school won't pan out; and wearing a tie with a dress doesn't ever actually become a thing. All of those things and some of your darkest times will  be worth it. They will help to form you into the person you become. You learn to not become dependent on other people for your happiness. You do some really cool stuff after you graduate (like get married really young, shocking right?!). And, you eventually learn to dress yourself like a civilized human... Kind of.

I know that so much of this sounds rather abstract, but it's on purpose. You're on such an incredible ride and it's better if I don't spoil it all. Remember in those dark moments that you aren't actually alone. Remember that you weren't created to be like everyone else. There's going to be days that you question everything. Do it. Question it all. In the midst of the questions you'll find your answers. You'll find that you decide who you are, no one else. All of your quirks and oddities have a purpose. You have a purpose.
Over all else, remember that part.