Family Portraits | Floresville, Texas

Over Christmas break family photos of Wil's side of the family happened. This is pretty exciting because 1: we've all been trying for years to get pictures of the whole family but we all have crazy schedules so until then there hadn't been a date that everyone could be together with the sun up (and, you know, it wasn't 1 bazillion degrees out), and 2: because I knew this would be a ridiculously funny shoot. I married into a family of goofballs, as you will see.

We managed to make the whole-family pictures happen thanks to the help of my trusty tripod and my wonderful husband who ran back and forth between checking the last picture, setting the timer to take another one (I got a remote for Chirstmas so next year he won't have to run!), and being in the picture. I tried managing the camera myself, but I may or may not have nearly wiped out my first time trying to run back and forth in heels...

This family specializes in shenanigans, which works for me because I get gems like these next two.

And this one here... This was 100% their idea. I'm not exactly sure what's happening but it sums up these 3 guys perfectly.

Once we were done we still had a few minutes of light left so Lynne and I managed to get a few incredible shots in. I'm seriously blessed to have married into this family; not only do they keep me laughing, but I got this gorgeous sister-in-law-model out of it too. This girl can naturally work it like nobody's business. You can see the beach session I did with Lynne here.

I can't wait to see the grandparents' faces when we bring them prints from the session!