Sarah | Portraits | Schertz, Texas

Once upon almost exactly 4 years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew little parts of my future, like I was going to marry my boyfriend (he proposed a few days after this shoot), and that was really about it. At this point I had been running my photography business for a year but it was just a passionate hobby. Being 19, my own harshest critic, and painfully competitive, I didn't think that I had what it took. I would look at big time photographers and begin comparing my work to theirs before I could realize that they had been perfecting their craft for years and years.

My friend Sarah came to town and we made plans for a bohemian inspired sunset shoot. She was the first person I had ever professionally shot one year before for her senior portraits. We ended up having the most unbelievable session. Everything came together better that I could have dreamed. The lighting was glorious; the leaves had fallen off the trees creating the most incredible juxtaposition with the grass that was the most ethereal shade of green I've ever seen; and Sarah, as always, was as perfect at posing as she was naturally gorgeous. I left feeling something tugging at my soul, but I still hadn't put my finger on what was happening. Once I got home and began looking at the pictures I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Some days I wonder why I've taken the risks that I have. Why I put college on hold and quit my "day job." I'll feel like there's too many people better than me and that I'm never going to grow this business. Praise the Lord that those feelings don't last forever. When I do things like I did today and look through a shoot that tugging comes back. My soul lights itself on fire and I know that this passion of capturing people's stories and lives isn't just the way I pay my bills...
It's my calling.