Dressing for Senior Photos

So many clothes and so little to wear... It's that time of year seniors! The time of year where you begin the process of deciding upon if you'll be going to college next year, what you're going to do with your life, who you are going to become, and what you're going to wear to your senior photo session. Well have no fear! We are here to help (at least with picking out the clothes). Here are my top 5 pieces of advice for picking out what you will wear.

1.  Casual? Dressy?
Guess what? There's time for a little bit of everything. Bring your tux that has only graced the world with its presence at prom. Bring your big fluffy dress. Brony tee? You bet. You aren't one dimensional, your outfits don't need to be either.

2.  What describes you right now?
Is it your letterman that you've worked so hard to get patches for these last 4 years? Is it the uniform for that activity (I'm looking at you, band kids) that has become your passion? What about your favorite t-shirt from your future school of choice? What about your Dr. Who tie or the costume that you made for the next Ren Fest? Don't be afraid to bring the things that reflect who you are.

3.  Avoid stripes and bold patterns.
Remember that YOU are the focus of your senior photos. Big logos, crazy patterns, and busy stripes can distract from you. Nobody wants that to happen! Embrace this opportunity to be the main event and make the most of it. Solid colors really are your best friend.

4. Accessorize!
This includes you too, guys. Scarves? Check. Watch? Check. Shoes? Check. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces? Check. Don't forget to think about the little things. Don't be afraid to bring too much. Pack your car full and let us help you to narrow it down.

5.  Whatever makes you feel like you.
Most importantly, wear what you want to wear. Now is not the time to try to hide who you are. Show it off! It's ok if you hate dresses or the only color you like to wear is black. Grandma won't be upset if you don't wear the cat sweater that she knitted you for Christmas. She'll understand (we all know the Texas heat won't). Don't worry about what anyone else is going to think. Let yourself be the deciding vote.

Have any pieces of advice or a question? I'd love to hear what you think!