Jocelyn + Vincent | San Antonio Wedding

It was a day for the books. A fairytale kind of day. Not the cliche kind where a helpless princess barely escapes a dangerous fate by being saved by a heroic and unknown prince, but the kind of fairytale where a strong, passionate love that's formed even through the trial of being on different continents gets to take new form: marriage.


When Jocelyn and Vincent first asked me to photograph their big day I jumped at the occasion. I was going to have the chance to document the wedding of a fellow photographer. We are a detailed driven people and it reflected in the tiniest details of their ceremony and reception.

We headed to a park after the ceremony for the formal photos and it just continued to feed the fairytale vibe...


And this wasn't just any reception, it was a party. There was no hesitation or hiding of the exuberant joy that everyone had for this day, this moment. It didn't matter if you were a cousin, a friend, or just someone that happened to have been dragged along, you were family.

Camarillo (418).jpg

It was an honor to have been a part of your fairytale day, Vincent and Jocelyn. That one was for the books.

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