Nice to meet you! I'm Julia!

I love Jesus, my bearded hubby, traveling, lattes, the beach, Saturday Night Live, camping, and Texas wildflowers.
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Growing up I was the kid trying to convince her mom that there really was room in the schedule for one more art class. I mean, come on, I was trying to find my thing! I already knew I belonged surrounded by the colors and textures and creativity, I just didn't know what my passion was. Once I got my hands on a camera I was at home. Years later after much prompting from a teenage boy who eventually became my husband (and subsequently my second photographer, ha! He didn't see that one coming!), Julia Corinne Photography was born.

My goal is to capture the passion, the adventure, the wild that exists in the everyday. There is never a reason to settle for the mundane.

"All good things are wild and free."
-Henry David Thoreau

Julia Corinne Photography | Wedding Photographer | San Antonio, TX